The Vulcan Sheet Cutter SC-350 is the ideal solution for fast and cost-effective short-run production of custom labels. Thanks to its precision and efficiency, the SC-350 enables the design and production of customised labels to meet the specific requirements of various industries. In this blog post, we’ll show you some application examples for the SC-350 label plotter and how it can help you optimise your label production.

specialty beverage labels

The beverage industry offers a variety of speciality products such as craft beers, artisan sodas and energy drinks. With the SC-350 sheet cutter, you can create customised labels for these products. Whether it’s unusual shapes, eye-catching designs or personalised information, the Vulcan SC-350 gives you the flexibility to make your labels unique and appealing.

For example, custom labels can be produced for each type of beer, with a unique design that highlights the beer’s special characteristics.

High quality cosmetics labels

In the cosmetics industry, high quality labels are critical to gaining customer confidence and enhancing brand image. With the SC-350 sheet cutter, you can produce labels with fine details, precise cutting lines and high-quality materials. This allows you to present your cosmetic products in a professional and appealing way.

For example, manufacturers of natural cosmetics can use the SC-350 sheet cutter to produce labels for sustainable and organic products. The labels are made of recycled paper with a precise cut line and an appealing design to communicate the natural and eco-friendly focus of the brand.

Short runs for limited editions

Limited editions are popular in many industries, whether for special edition books, collectibles or seasonal products. With the SC-350, you can produce short-run labels quickly and cost-effectively. This allows you to highlight the special character of these limited editions and implement a targeted marketing strategy.

For example, manufacturers of handmade soaps can offer limited editions of Christmas soaps at Christmas time. The SC-350 sheet cutting plotter can be used to produce individual labels with Christmas images and special information to emphasise the exclusivity and festive nature of the limited edition.

The Vulcan SC-350 gives you the ability to produce short runs of custom labels quickly, accurately and economically. The versatility of the SC-350 allows you to bring creative ideas to life and add a professional touch to your labels.