On 22nd June the User Forum of the University of Applied Sciences Munich took place in the Faculty of Printing and Media Technology. For the 16th time, the event was held together with partners Stamagraf, Xerox and the University of Applied Sciences Munich. The User Forum provided an exclusive platform for exchange between students, professors and industry experts from the printing sector.

Although it was not a large event, the participants were carefully selected and showed great interest in Vulcan’s products. Some of them expressed interest in purchasing Vulcan equipment in the future. The visitors had the opportunity to experience professional colour printing and high quality finishing live in the pressroom and laboratory of the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

As one of the organisers, Docuserve, a partner of Xerox, presented mainly printing solutions. The Department of Print and Media Technology at Munich University of Applied Sciences works closely with Vulcan partner Stamagraf. Stamagraf exhibited not only Vulcan equipment but also folding and laminating equipment. This demonstrates the wide range of solutions that can be offered together to meet the ever-increasing demands of print finishing.

The User Forum also underlines the importance and popularity of Vulcan in educational institutions such as the Munich University of Applied Sciences. By working with prestigious institutions, Vulcan is able to demonstrate its commitment to innovative solutions and excellence in print technology.

Vulcan equipment can make an important contribution to research and educational institutions. Universities, research institutes and other scientific institutions can benefit from the precise cutting capabilities of the FC-500VC flatbed cutting plotter and SC-350 sheet cutter. With these machines, researchers and students can cut materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic in various shapes and sizes to produce prototypes, models or presentations. Vulcan machines can cut complex geometric shapes or fine details with high precision, which can be critical for research projects or scientific presentations. In addition, Vulcan machines offer an efficient and time-saving solution for producing labels and stickers for organising and labelling laboratory samples, supporting a precise and systematic way of working.

Associations and the media are other institutions that can benefit from the advantages of Vulcan machines. These organisations often require high quality printed products such as stickers, labels or promotional material. The FC-500 flatbed plotter can produce bespoke folding cartons and packaging to showcase their products or publications. In addition, the SC-350 label plotter enables fast and efficient production of labels and stickers in high volumes, which can be very important for the distribution or marketing of products or services. The Vulcan’s precise cutting performance and versatile material handling capabilities open up new opportunities for associations and media to present their messages and content in a visually appealing way and strengthen their brand identity.

The User Forum at the Munich University of Applied Sciences was a small but excellent event, where the focus was on sharing and networking between attendees. Vulcan is proud to have been a part of this event and looks forward to future collaborations and developments in the printing industry.