Textiles often need to be treated with extra care, whether for finishing, sustainability reasons or because of their delicate fibres. To ensure the correct care is applied, textile care labels can be produced using Vulcan’s flatbed and sheetfed plotters. Long labels on transparent, difficult-to-cut materials have become particularly popular, as they can be seen on the garment even when folded, and can be clearly identified by the customer. 


gentle washing and ironing instructions

One crucial aspect of textile care is following washing and ironing instructions. The FC-500VC flatbed cutter and SC-350 sheet cutter enable you to create labels and stickers with clear guidance, including “Hand wash,” “Dry clean only,” “Do not iron,” or “Iron at low temperature.” By affixing this information to textiles, you can ensure proper treatment, maintaining their quality and longevity.

Sustainable care instructions

In the spirit of sustainability, it is important to take proper care of textiles to prolong their life and conserve resources. With Vulcan’s flatbed and sheet-fed plotters, you can create labels and stickers with eco-friendly care instructions such as ‘wash at low temperature’, ‘air dry’ or ‘use eco-friendly detergent’. This information encourages responsible use of textiles and helps protect the environment.

Sensitive fibres and finishe

Sensitive fibres and finishes require special care instructions to maintain their structure and appearance. With the FC-500VC and SC-350 you can create labels and stickers with instructions such as “Gentle machine wash”, “Do not rub” or “Do not use harsh detergents”. This ensures that textiles with sensitive materials or finishes are handled appropriately and their quality is not compromised.

Vulcan’s flatbed and sheet-fed cutting plotters give you the ability to produce high quality

Vulcan’s flatbed and sheet-fed cutting plotters give you the ability to produce high quality, accurate labels and stickers for textile care instructions. Use these tools to ensure proper care and extend the life of your textiles.