When it comes to producing labels and stickers in long runs, efficiency is key. With Vulcan’s SC-350 Sheet Cutter, companies can achieve just that. This powerful machine can produce labels and stickers in a short time and in large quantities. Combined with its precision and ease of use, the SC-350 is the ideal solution for companies that need to produce labels and stickers quickly and efficiently.

The SC-350 sheet cutter offers many advantages when producing labels and stickers in high volumes. Here are just a few:

High speed

The SC-350 is designed to cut a large number of labels and stickers in a short time. With its automatic feed and high cutting speed, companies can maximise production and reduce delivery times.

Precise cutting

Thanks to the high-resolution CCD camera system, the SC-350 detects print marks and enables precise positioning of the cutting blade. Even with long runs, the machine ensures high cutting accuracy and quality.


The SC-350 can cut labels and stickers of various sizes and shapes. Businesses can implement individual designs and offer customised solutions to their customers.

efficient material usage

The SC-350 optimises material usage and reduces waste. The precise cutting performance allows labels and stickers to be placed efficiently on the material, minimising waste.

Examples of how the SC-350 sheet cutter can be used to produce labels and stickers in long runs include

Food industry

food packaging labels, beverage bottle labels or food packaging stickers.

Logistics and shipping

shipping labels for parcels and packages, address labels for the shipping process.

Product Packaging

Labels for product packaging in various industries such as cosmetics, electronics or household goods.

Promotional and Marketing Materials

Labels for promotional materials such as brochures, flyers or posters.

Vulcan’s SC-350 sheet cutter enables efficient and accurate production of labels and stickers in long runs. Companies can increase their production capacity, reduce lead times and offer their customers high quality, customised products.