Packaging is an important aspect of product marketing. Not only does it protect the contents, but it also plays a crucial role in the consumer’s decision to purchase. Vulcan’s FC-500VC flatbed cutter can be used to produce high quality, customised folding cartons from thick paper, board and other materials. These packaging solutions are particularly suitable for the food, beverage, cosmetics, fashion and gift industries.

The production of folding cartons requires precise cuts, clean edges and high material strength. The FC-500VC flatbed cutter easily meets these requirements. By using high quality materials such as thick paper and board, you can produce strong and attractive packaging that effectively protects the contents while providing an attractive presentation.

The FC-500VC Flatbed Cutter offers a variety of ways to create folding cartons to meet individual requirements. Here are a few examples:

Food and Beverage

For food products such as chocolates, biscuits, chocolates or tea packaging, folding boxes with attractive designs and personalised messages can be produced. This gives the products a professional and attractive appearance.


Cosmetic items such as perfume bottles, lipsticks or skin care products often require attractive packaging. The FC-500VC flatbed cutter can produce customised folding cartons that enhance brand image and product presentation.


Accessories such as jewellery, belts or scarves can be presented in stylish folding boxes. Matching the packaging to the brand’s design concept emphasises the value and exclusivity of the products.

Gift items

Unique folding boxes can be designed for gift items such as small decorative or souvenir items. Different materials, colours and finishing techniques can be used to create personalised gift packaging that emphasises the special occasion.

With the FC-500VC flatbed cutter, folding boxes of various shapes and sizes can be cut accurately and efficiently. The high-resolution CCD camera detects print marks and accurately positions cuts. The intuitive touch screen interface makes operation easy and allows quick adjustments to designs.

There are many benefits to using the Vulcan FC-500VC flatbed cutter for folding carton production. The customised packaging solutions emphasise brand identity, enhance product presentation and help differentiate from the competition. In addition, companies have the flexibility to customize their packaging and reduce production costs compared to external suppliers.

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