The BEst In digital finishing.

With the advancement of digital finishing technology the possibilities are growing, and especially now, in difficult economic times, Vulcan’s Digital Finishing products offer you undreamt-of possibilities for your customers. 

Cutting labels or stickers in any shape simply and quickly? No problem! Completely independent of design, the most diverse shapes can be cut. Product labelling, warning signs, type plates etc.? You don’t need a cutting die and can also process very short runs quickly.Precise contour cutting, grooving or creating folding edges created by the 

Vulcan flatbed cutting plotter flawless. The floor-mounted unit is ideally suited for the production of small and medium series as well as design samples. This means that even with the number of pieces one, economic work can be done. 

From your own design to the finished product – when I need something, the customer can always decide for himself with the help of our products. 

Connect the machine, set it up and get started. This is only possible with Vulcan.

Main features

Vulcan FC-500VC is a tablet cutting plotter that is an affordable and efficient tool for operations such as linear and curved through-cutting, perforation, partial cut material, creasing and notching. The device is ideal for small and medium runs of products.

Camera system

The FC-5000VC has a high resolution camera that can actually see registration marks, even on colored and transparent materials, or if the registration marks themselves are white orlight colored . Fast scanning speed, SRA3 size, less than 3 seconds . 5mm registration marks will save paper/money.

Friendly touch screen panel

Vacuum (on/off), friendly for holding papers down (ON) and replacing papers (OFF). Move to origin, move carriage back to origin by one press, save time and exactly accurate position. Recut, it’s perfect for repeating same jobs X1/X10, to move carriage by two different speeds.

Advanced feature for contour cutting

The Vulcan FC-500VC has an advanced feature to compensate for print skew or positioning skew – effectively redrawing the artwork according to the error. Performs adjustments of size, tilt and warp for contour cutting by scanning 4 marks, it can be more precisely than other methods.

USB flash memory

Save PLT files to USB flash memory, the PLT files can be output directly to the flatbed cutting plotter by plug-in, means users to operate FC-500VC without a computer, great for batch production. 32M memory on motherboard, ensure to read and
load the PLT files from USB flash memory quickly.

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